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The Clay Studio

Graduate Student Biennial 2017

June 2 through July 16, 2017

For the past 15 years, The Clay Studio has honored the best graduate student work in ceramics programs across the country through its Graduate Student Biennial exhibition. Over $15,000 has been awarded to more than 30 emerging artists. Fifteen participants have gone on to become Clay Studio Resident Artists, two of which have become Shapiro Fellows. This exhibition highlights the best emerging ceramic artists, provides a forum for the exhibition and sale of their work, and offers support and affirmation as they begin their artistic journey.

Hakyoung Kim
Arizona State University, Interlink 4, Glass, stoneware, wood, 36" x 3" x 19", 2017, $900

Adam Jennett
Ohio University. Basin Tray, Earthenware, 21" x 14" x 7", 2017, SOLD

Andrew Kellner
West Virginia University, Stacked House, Earthenware, 5.5" x 2.5" x 9", 2017, SOLD

Ariel Bowman
University of Florida. Proteros, Ceramic, mixed media, 2016, $525

Ben Harle
School of the Art Instituteof Chicago. Memorial to the Monument, Porcelain, steel, wood, concrete, 2017, $8,000

Britny Wainwright
Ohio State University. Will You Listen to Me, Earthenware, 2017, $1,000

Carin Sankus
University Of Florida. Dim Inclination, Ceramic, 2017, $4,000

Christina Carfora
University of Florida. Crossing the Threshold, Ceramic, 2017, $5,000   SOLD    {Curator's Choice}

Courtney Michaud
Pennsylvania State University. Rectangular Vessel, Porcelain, 2017, $350

Dan Xue
Rochester Institute of Technology. Mirror of Myself, Stoneware, 2016, SOLD

Elliott Kayser
Arizona State University. Herd Immunity (Angus), Terracotta, feldspar chips, 2017, SOLD {Honorable Mention}

Evan Hauser
University of Montana. Preservation & Use (The Tower of Tower Falls by Thomas Moran), Porcelain, gold leaf, 2017, $475    {Honorable Mention}

Grace Tessein
Louisiana State University. Time Passes, Earthenware, porcelain, ashes of roses, digital print from a color film 4" x 5" negative, glass bottle containing a cardinals heart, the chapter pages Time Passes from Virginia Woolf's novel: To The Lighthouse, stitched with the artist's hair, mica rock, wooden shelf, 2017, $1,200

Hannah Pierce
Edinboro University. Lost my Train of….,Earthenware, 2016, SOLD

Jennifer Halli
Univeristy of Massachussetts - Darmouth. Bangalore, Terracotta, 2016, $1,200

Jennifer Shenk
University of Colorado. Pelican (of Piety), Ceramic, 2017, SOLD

Jon Farrell
Georgia State University. Judith, Yael, and Salome, Porcelain, luster, 2017, SOLD     {Grand Prize}

Kodi Thompson
Southern Illinois University. Halves, Earthenware, 2017, $500

Levon Miller
Ohio University. Tapped (Rise and Fall), Ceramic, metal, concrete, 2017, $1,500

Louise Deroualle
University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Self Portrait as a Train, Ceramic, lava rock, 2016, $3,250

Marcus Davis
Hood College. Shelter from the Storm, Soda-fired stoneware, 2017, $425

Mark Arnold
Edwardsville University. Vase, Terracotta, 2017, $125

Mary Cale A. Wilson
San Diego State University. Butterbeans (for Charleston), Ceramic, found object, 2017, $800

Mike Stumbras
Louisiana State University. The Call of the Void, Soda-fired porcelain, 2017, $225

Mike Stumbras
Louisiana State University. Victory of Death, Soda-fired porcelain, glass, 2017, $480

Naomi Clement
Louisiana State University. Vase, Stoneware, 2017, SOLD

Natalie Kuenzi
Tyler School of Art. We All Have the Sky, Terracotta, porcelain, mixed media, 2017, $1,500

Penelope Van Grinsven
Pennsylvania State University. Hans Coper in a Box

Samantha Briegel
Ohio University. Denim Pitcher, Porcelain, luster, 2017, SOLD

Wansoo Kim
University of Nebraska-Lincoln. A Plastic Island Ceramic, polystyrene, 2016, $300

Stephanie Seguin
Pennsylvania State University. Halved, Earthenware, house paint, 2016, SOLD

William Jamison
Arizona State University. Numerical Control 007 Porcelain, found rock, aluminum, 2017, $1,250

Yewen Dong
School of the Art Institutes of Chicago. Squares on Squares on Square

Yu-Jung Kim
Rhode Island School of Design. Babel, Stoneware, iron, pedestal, $4,000