Diane Marimow

Associate Artist - Past


Whether inspired by marine mollusks or city architecture, my abstract clay sculpture and wallscapes move-twisting, rolling and flowing in space.

These organic forms are made from slab-constructed and extruded coils of clay, which have been draped over molds.  The molds are often made with recycled materials like styrofoam, plastic lids, and tennis balls.

The glazed surfaces reflect the colors, textures and patterns found in nature and in man-made forms. These 3D organic sculptures and wall reliefs represent my positive perspective on life. Viewers have an opportunity to derive their own personal interpretation — whether my art evokes images that are figurative, natural, or non-objective.



Diane Marimow is currently an Associate Artist at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia, as well as an educator at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

She received a graduate degree in Art from Tyler School of Art and taught art to children and young adults in public and independent schools on the East Coast for more than 30 years.

Diane has exhibited her ceramic sculptures and wall pieces in galleries in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Arizona.  In 2016 her sculpture was displayed in the International Terminal of the Philadelphia Airport.

Her sculptures reside in private collections throughout the U.S., including one that was purchased by the Berman Institute of Bioethics at Johns Hopkins University.