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The Clay Studio

Associate Program

The Clay Studio's Associate Program is a communal studio supported in part by forty individuals on a non-juried basis. By making low cost studio space available to individuals in a major metropolitan city, the program serves an important need within the community. The program promotes the artistic, technical and skill development of these individuals, providing a unique learning community in an urban setting.

The communal nature of the program provides an environment that accommodates artists at many levels of commitment and accomplishment, in which all benefit from a diversity of experience and expertise. Many Associates are serious Clay Studio students who have committed themselves to expanding their skills and developing their own artistic voices, while others are professional artists who hold Bachelor and Master Degrees in Fine Arts and are in need of affordable studio space. The program reflects a vast aesthetic range of artists - potters work side by side with both abstract and representational sculptors.

The program is housed on the entire second floor of The Studio. The monthly rent is currently $195.00 and members of the Associate Program are required to join the membership program at an Individual level ($60 per year) or higher. Associates are required to leave a refundable security deposit of $190. Once accepted into the program, individuals may remain for up to 5 years with the possibility of one 5-year renewal. If you are interested in becoming an associate or have more questions, please contact Vice President Jennifer Martin via email at jennifer@theclaystudio.org or call 215.925.3453 x16.

Learn more about our current associates.