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The Clay Studio

Instructor: Kenny Delio

Since 2003 I have been working with a variety of materials, steel, wood, clay, plaster, foam, paper, fabric, resin and plastic. I use both additive and subtractive applications of materials so the creation of each work is an elaborate involved process.  My approach to these materials is to invent my own world that uses the influences of many things in our contemporary world to start the dialogue with the viewer.  The presentation of my sculpture gives an engaging opportunity for each individual to explore. 

The forms that I create are taken from the world of make believe and fantasy; I want my work to appear alive.  It is also important that everything I create has a function, an engaging and/or interacting function that allows the viewer to participate in the completion of the work.  I want to instigate a stimulating discussion between the viewer and the objects I make, in an attempt to learn the relationships between objects and humans.




Kenny received is BFA in ceramics from the University of the Arts and his MFA in ceramics/sculpture from the University of Delaware. He is a faculty member of The Baldwin School (PA), an adjunct instructor at the University of Delaware, and has been teaching at The Clay Studio since 2004. Kenny brings to his teaching approach the unique perspective of being a full-time production potter for eight years, and a sculptor who is adept at working with a variety of materials. Kenny is currently an instructor at The Clay Studio's School.

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