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The Clay Studio

About Our Artists

Resident Artists

The Resident Artist Program is the original basis for The Clay Studio and remains its core program. This juried program attracts ceramic artists of the highest caliber to immerse themselves in their creative growth and professional development. The Studio's reputation as a world class art center and the Resident Artist Program's unique features have made the program extremely competitive, attracting a diverse range of talented artists. Current Residents include functional potters, vessel makers, sculptors, conceptual artists and installation artists. View a list of past resident artists. The Resident Artist Program hosts 12 artists. In 2015/16 one exceptional artist will be awarded the Sybille Zeldin Fellowship, a prestigious opportunity for an emerging artist. The Fellowship provides for one year a monthly stipend, a concluding solo exhibition, and printed marketing materials.


Guest Artist In Residence

The Guest Artist-in-Residence Program hosts artists from around the world for short-term residencies, offering exceptional opportunities for cultural exchange. To date the program has hosted artists from over 35 countries and the US. The program is integrated with the Studio's educational programs, with the guest artists providing slide lectures and demonstrations in the School and through the Claymobile. View a list of current, upcoming and past Guest Artists-in-Residence.



The Clay Studio’s educational programs are taught by a dynamic group of emerging and nationally recognized artists and educators. Our knowledgeable instructors bring to the school and Claymobile outreach program a passion for their craft, art education, and community. Whether you are new to ceramics, developing specific skills, bringing the magic of clay to your school, or just need a little inspiration, our teaching artists are dedicated to providing excellent instruction as well as creating an engaging and inclusive studio environment. 


Work Exchange

The vibrant artistic environment of The Clay Studio provides Work Exchange Program members with a chance to experience first-hand the life of a working artist, an arts administrator and an arts educator within a non-profit arts community.

The Work Exchange Program is a self-directed, independent study educational program that provides its participants with unlimited access to a shared studio, as well as, affordable materials, firings, critiques and development opportunities to help them achieve their objectives as an artist. In exchange each individual provides 40 hours a month of support and is responsible for various tasks needed to maintain a functioning ceramics studio. Tasks are varied but some examples include studio maintenance, customer service, assisting special events, glaze preparation, kiln operation, teaching, community outreach, gallery experience and sales.

Applicants to The Clay Studio's Work Exchange Program should be ceramic graduates or artists interested in furthering their ceramic education and portfolio development. This is an incredible opportunity for artists to join a supportive educational environment while building their resume and portfolio.




The Associate's Program is a communal studio supported in part by forty individuals on a non-juried basis. The program promotes the artistic, technical and skill development of these individuals, providing a unique learning community in an urban setting. The communal nature of the program provides an environment that accommodates artists at many levels of commitment and accomplishment, in which all benefit from a diversity of experience and expertise. Current Associates include a vast aesthetic range of artists - potters work side by side with both abstract and representational sculptors.