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The Clay Studio


Kurt Anderson







''Godzilla movies were my earliest source of artistic inspiration. As a child I used to love to draw scenes of Godzilla crashing through cityscapes, army men, tanks, and airplanes harassing him along the way. I found this visual stew a ready source for my own artistic endeavors. I would saturate a piece of paper with lines and squiggles and marks, revealing a childish distrust of negative space.''

''My most recent work seems to have re-embraced this attitude about composition and space. The surfaces of my pots are saturated with incised lines and glaze, all but obliterating the whiteness of the porcelain background. My sources for imagery are varied: comic books, modern painters, street artists, logos and iconography. For the stylized flowers I look at Tz’u-chou type wares from China and the pottery of Ogata Kenzan. I seem to gravitate towards simple line drawings, the type of lines that can easily be incised onto the surfaces of my pottery.''

MFA - Louisiana State University
Special Student - Nova Scotia College of Art and Design
Special Student - State University of New York at New Paltz
BA - University of Wyoming